A Pawsitively Great Feature - Cat

A Pawsitively Great Feature

A pawsitively great feature awaits you here at Alexan Evans Station. Hello pet parents! Let’s talk about a feature at our homes that your four-legged friends will absolutely love – the pet wash station. Come and let us take you on a tour of our homes’ features.


Pawsitively Convenient

We all know that keeping our pets clean is essential for their health and happiness. But let’s face it, bath time can sometimes be a hassle. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a convenient, easy-to-use spot where you could wash your pet? Picture this: your dog has just come back from a fun (and messy) time at the park. They’re covered in dirt and clearly in need of a bath. But instead of wrestling with your pet in your apartment bathroom, you head over to the pet wash station.


A Hassle-free Feature

The pet wash station at Alexan Evans Station makes bath time a breeze. It’s spacious, so even larger dogs can fit comfortably. Plus, it’s fully equipped with everything you need to clean your pet squeaky, including a high-quality, pet-safe shower system. One of the best things about the pet wash station is its ease of use. The raised tubs mean you won’t have to bend down or crouch to wash your pet, saving your back from unnecessary strain.


A Great Way to Make Friends

The pet wash station isn’t just practical; it’s also a great way to meet fellow pet parents in the community. While your pets are getting pampered, you can chat with neighbors and share pet care tips and stories. You might even make some new friends! To wrap it up, the pet wash station at Alexan Evans Station isn’t just an amenity – it’s a godsend for pet parents.

Join us here at Alexan Evans Station and enjoy a pawsitively great feature. You and your furry friend will love it here! Call now and schedule a tour.