Endless Possibilities at Alexan Evans Station

Endless Possibilities at Alexan Evans Station

Explore a better lifestyle and experience luxury’s endless possibilities at Alexan Evans Station. Responsibilities are inevitable, but our luxury apartments offer premium interior amenities to give you peace of mind. Set up a home office, work in your pajamas, crack down on errands, or indulge in well-deserved self-care. The possibilities are endless when you have the right home.

Recharge in Style

Recharge your batteries – literally and figuratively – with ease in our homes. We have USB outlets conveniently installed throughout every apartment, saving you time by plugging right into the wall instead of hunting for a good converter. Afterward, refill your energy bar by taking a nap, grabbing a snack from our contemporary kitchen, or admiring lovely Rocky Mountain or Denver views.

Easy Laundry Days

No matter how big your laundry basket gets, fret no more. Every single apartment comes with its own full-sized washer and dryer set. Sort out your clothes and linens by color and type, throw in some detergent, and let it run while streaming your favorite shows or getting some remote work done. You have better things to do, like relaxing.

Climate-Controlled Paradise

Sensitive to heat and sound? Our luxury apartments are cozy all year round. Our Wi-Fi-enabled Nest thermostats keep your comfort zone warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Meanwhile, our additional sound insulation along Broadway and Evans gives you a quieter atmosphere, perfect for concentration or rest. Every detail gets the attention it deserves.

Discover endless possibilities at Alexan Evans Station and find your way to bliss. A better life is waiting for you in Denver. So take advantage of your chance to upgrade your lifestyle at Alexan Evans Station.