Enjoy Modern Home Tech - Denver luxury apartments with innovative amenities

Enjoy Modern Home Tech

Make the most of luxury and enjoy modern home tech at Alexan Evans Station. There’s no day like today, and our luxury apartments have several of today’s best home amenities installed in every room. Enjoy some epic streaming parties, work from the comfort of your home office, or even take a break from the screen occasionally. Your possibilities for relaxation are endless.

Stay Cool as a Cucumber

Summer is approaching, and our Nest thermostats are ready to handle the heat. These smart thermostats are programmable from your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the temperature to your liking even while you’re away from home. It’s perfect for saving energy while maintaining a comfortable living space environment.

Charge Up and Relax

Our USB outlets make recharging easy, both literally and figuratively. Plug your smart devices directly into the port, then unwind while waiting. Grab a snack from our gourmet kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances. Get laundry done from the comfort of your home using our full-sized washer and dryer. You can even pamper yourself in our spa-inspired bathrooms, oversized soaking tubs, and luxury tub/shower combinations.

A Majestic Backyard View

Remember to rest your eyes when you get the chance. Suppose you need to step away from the screen. In that case, our private balconies and patios offer fantastic views of downtown Denver, the Rocky Mountains, and our lovely community. 

Immerse yourself in the best modern home tech of today at Alexan Evans Station. Visit us today and explore our marvelous Denver luxury apartments up close.