Enjoy the Finer Things in Life - A2 luxury one-bedroom and one-bathroom floor plan

Enjoy the Finer Things in Life

Upscale living finds a perfect home in the A2 floor plan at Alexan Evans Station. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment spans a comfortable 701 SF. It is an ideal space for those who appreciate elegance and style. The design effortlessly blends luxury with practicality. If you have a keen eye or just enjoy the finer things in life, then this floor plan is perfect for you. Take a closer look at what makes this floor plan so special. Join us in this online tour of one of our finest homes.

The Finer Things in Life

The open-concept living area in the A2 floor plan is where comfort meets style. The layout promotes a seamless flow from the kitchen to the living room. This design choice not only maximizes space but also enhances the apartment’s overall ambiance. The kitchen, equipped with modern appliances, is a chef’s dream. It features plenty of counter space, making meal prep a breeze. The living area, just a few steps away, offers a comfy spot to relax or entertain guests. The thoughtful design ensures you have everything you need within easy reach. This adds a touch of class and convenience to your daily life.

The Bedroom and Bathroom

The bedroom in the A2 floor plan is a serene retreat, perfect for unwinding after a long day. It offers ample space for a king-sized bed and additional furniture, providing both comfort and style. The large walk-in closet ensures you have plenty of room for your wardrobe, keeping your space tidy and organized. Adjacent to the bedroom is the stylish bathroom. It features great aesthetics, making your daily routines feel more luxurious. The bathroom also includes a large vanity, providing ample storage for your essentials. This combination of the bedroom and bathroom creates a personal haven within your home.

Enjoy the Minimum 9-Foot Ceilings

One great feature of the A2 floor plan is the minimum 9-foot ceilings. These tall ceilings give your home a grand feel. They make each room seem bigger and more open. This design not only looks good but also makes living there more enjoyable. High ceilings can make even small areas feel larger and more welcoming. They also help with better air flow and give you more space to decorate. You can add your personal touch with ease. Also, the extra height adds a touch of elegance to your home.

In the A2 floor plan at Alexan Evans Station, every detail comes with your elevated lifestyle in mind. This floor plan offers an open-concept living area. It also comes with a serene bedroom and luxurious bathroom. Each element works together to create a harmonious living space. What’s more, the minimum 9-foot ceilings add an extra touch of luxury. It ensures your home feels as spacious as it is stylish. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and luxury in this thoughtfully designed one-bedroom apartment. Enjoy the finer things in life in our A2 floor plan here at Alexan Evans Station. Book a tour and find your new home today!