Every Square Inch Counts - one-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Every Square Inch Counts

Ever thought your apartment could be smarter than you on some days? Meet the A3 floor plan at Alexan Evans Station. A spacious 707 SF apartment that packs a punch of personality and tech-savvy features. With one bedroom, one bathroom, and enough smart gadgets to make a tech enthusiast weep with joy. Take a deep dive into this space where every inch comes utilized to its fullest, and even the walls seem to whisper, “Yes, you’ve made it.” Elevate your lifestyle with our A3 luxury apartment floor plan, where every square inch counts.

Where Modern Comforts Lie

The bedroom in the A3 is not just a place to crash; it’s a realm of relaxation. The spacious walk-in closet is a fashionista’s dream. It offers spacious room for both your summer and winter collections, and maybe even a hideout for a midnight snack stash. With 9-foot ceilings, the room feels more like a sanctuary than a sleeping space. It’s where you can stretch out, reach for the stars, and still not touch the ceiling. This bedroom is a testament to how luxury and comfort can coexist, inviting you to linger in bed just a little longer each morning.

An Open-Concept Living Space

The living area in the A3 floor plan boasts a spacious layout, making it feel like you’re living in a space twice its size. It’s the perfect backdrop for everything from solo dance parties to intimate gatherings. The 9-foot ceilings continue here, adding an airy vibe that makes you want to breathe deeper and live fuller. This is where life happens, amidst a setting that’s as flexible as your yoga instructor. It comes with designs that are not just for living but for thriving, proving that the best gatherings are not measured just by the size of the space, but by the laughter shared within it.

Quartz Countertops and More

Step into the bathroom, and you’ll see why it’s more spa than a mere washroom. With quartz countertops and undermount sinks, it brings a slice of luxury into your daily routine. The elegance of the quartz invites a touch of sophistication to your mornings, making even a quick splash feel like a rejuvenating ritual. And let’s not forget the Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that ensures your home is always at the perfect temperature. It’s the kind of apartment that makes you want to take a little longer to pamper yourself, turning every day into a mini-retreat.

The A3 floor plan at Alexan Evans Station is a masterclass in making the most out of every square inch. It’s a space that’s as smart as it is stylish, blending technology with comfort in a way that feels both innovative and inviting. From the spacious bedroom and its walk-in closet to the open-concept living area and the luxurious bathroom, every detail is here to enhance your living experience. Join us at Alexan Evans Station’s apartment floor plans, where every square inch counts. Schedule a tour of our A3 floor plan today!