Experience a New Level of Paradise - B3 Two-Bedroom Luxury Apartment Floor Plan

Experience a New Level of Paradise

Experience a new level of paradise in your home at Alexan Evans Station. Whether you fly solo, with your friends, or a whole family doesn’t matter. Our luxury apartments strive to accommodate all. Our two-bedroom floor plans offer the space you need to grow and the amenities to make the most of every room. Share it with loved ones, or manage your comfort zone how you please.

B3: A Denver Two-Bedroom Apartment

Our¬†B3 two-bedroom¬†luxury apartment floor plan is a well-rounded, comfortable home that fits many needs. It features at least 1,260 square feet of living space, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open-concept living and dining room, and amenities to spare in every room. It’s a fantastic choice for roommates, small families, or single residents looking for home flexibility.

Rest Easy

Our two bedrooms help you and your loved ones get some much-needed TLC. They are both large enough to fit your softest king-sized mattress and anything else you may desire for your comfort zone. They also contain expansive closets, excellent for efficiently storing outfits, accessories, and seasonal gear.

Get Together and Cheer

Become a host for epic parties, holiday festivities, or simple weekend hangouts in our vast living and dining rooms. Our contemporary kitchen lets you cook large and tasty meals for all occasions. Meanwhile, our airy private balcony is ideal for taking breaks and admiring beautiful Denver and the Rocky Mountains between chatter and play.

Achieve your dream lifestyle and experience a new level of paradise at Alexan Evans Station. Contact us today and find your new home in our B3 two-bedroom Denver luxury apartments.