The Beauty of Modern Living - two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

The Beauty of Modern Living

Get ready to be impressed by the B1 floor plan at Alexan Evans Station! Where comfort meets elegance in a spacious 1,016 SF of spacious layout. This floor plan is here to cater to a modern lifestyle, offering ample space and refined features that make every moment at home an experience in itself. Explore what makes the B1 floor plan a perfect choice for those seeking the beauty of modern living.

Living with Extra Space and Comfort

The B1 floor plan has two especially big bedrooms. Each room is a cozy place for relaxing. The rooms have a smart design that uses space really well. They are roomy and comfy. This plan is great for someone looking for a roommate, a couple, or someone that wants a home office. There’s plenty of space for everyone to have their own area, but it still feels warm and friendly. Plus, the design makes sure to maximize every inch of space, making it a perfect choice for comfortable living.

Elegant Bathrooms with Modern Touches

The two bathrooms in the B1 floor plan are also equally impressive. They are more than just useful; they have a modern and fancy look. Each bathroom feels fresh and relaxing, with a sleek style and top-notch parts. These bathrooms show the high quality you can expect at Alexan Evans Station. They are perfect for starting your day with energy or unwinding after a long one. Plus, their design and features make them easy to clean and maintain.

A Durable Beauty

A highlight of the B1 floor plan is the inclusion of quartz countertops, which are both beautiful and durable. These countertops add a luxurious feel to the space, elevating the overall aesthetic of the home. They are not only stunning to look at but are also highly practical, resistant to stains and scratches, making them ideal for a busy, modern lifestyle. The quartz countertops are a testament to the blend of beauty and functionality that defines the B1 floor plan.

Alexan Evans Station is here to show you the beauty of modern living. Schedule your tour of our B1 floor plan today!