It's A Slice of Paradise - pool courtyard with tanning ledge, private cabanas, hot tub and grilling stations

It’s A Slice of Paradise

Living at Alexan Evans Station is like getting a golden ticket to a world where every day feels like a holiday. Here, luxury isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the fabric of our community, woven into each amenity and corner. Imagine a place where you can soak up the sun on a tanning ledge, host a movie night under the stars, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee that tastes like it was brewed just for you. This isn’t just any apartment complex; it’s a slice of paradise where upscale living meets convenience and style. Indulge in the amenities that make Alexan Evans Station the epitome of an elevated lifestyle.

Your Personal Paradise

Our pool courtyard isn’t just a place to swim; it’s your own personal oasis. There’s a tanning ledge for sunny days, exclusive cabanas for a touch of luxury, a hot tub for unwinding nights, and grilling areas for fancy barbecues. This is where relaxation meets sophistication, setting the scene for both quiet moments and lively meet-ups. Whether you’re aiming to catch some rays, dive into a good book in a cabana, or savor a barbecue, our courtyard is crafted for your delight. It’s a spot where every dip in the pool and every sunbath translates to a day spent in indulgence.

A Slice of Entertainment

Walk into our poolside lounge at Alexan Evans Station and find yourself in the heart of our social scene. It’s got everything from TVs for big game days, a kitchen for cooking up fun, comfy spots for chatting, billiards for some friendly games, and a coffee bar to kickstart your mornings. This place isn’t just about kicking backā€”it’s where you make lasting memories with friends and neighbors. Whether you’re up for a coffee, a game of pool, or just hanging out, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. It’s a spot where laughs are loud, stories flow freely, and everyone feels a bit closer, all surrounded by luxury.

Luxury and Convenience

At Alexan Evans Station, every amenity comes with thoughtful designs to enhance your living experience. Our community combines the serenity of a private oasis with the vibrancy of a lively entertainment hub. From the sun-kissed moments at the pool courtyard to the laughter-filled evenings in the poolside lounge, luxury and convenience are always at your fingertips. It’s here that you’ll find a lifestyle that’s not only elevated but also filled with joy and ease. Alexan Evans Station is not just about offering a place to live; it’s about providing a lifestyle that’s rich in experiences and steeped in comfort.

Staying at Alexan Evans Station lets you enjoy all the best bits of life without ever leaving home. Here, every day is a chance to treat yourself to something special. Whether that’s soaking up the sun, grilling a fancy meal, or just chilling in a place that’s both classy and warm. You’re stepping into a space where high-end living, a top-notch lifestyle, and chic comfort all come together. It’s a slice of paradise here at Alexan Evans Station. Reserve your VIP tour of our luxury homes today!